Earrings with dark fuchsia

Earrings with dark fuchsia


Earrings made of genuine leather, light and soft. They worry in the wind and tickle.

Photo 1, 2 - earrings on the front side.

Photo 3 - earrings from the back side.

Photo 5 - You can easily choose the ideal length of earrings for you thanks to 3 sizes: S, M, L.
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Material: genuine leather with dark fuchsia.

Metal: surgical steel.

Size: choose the most suitable length for you earrings and mark it in the comments to the order. The length was measured from the beginning of the schwenze to the tip of the last pen, without fringe. The fringe at the bottom of the earring can be ignored; it is easy to prune, if it looks too long. You can do it yourself, after you assemble your order.

S: 10 cm
M: 12 cm
L: 14.5 cm.

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