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The Hatter in lilac

The Hatter in lilac


"Weirder and weirder! More and more wonderful! More and more curious! Weirder and weirder! Everything will be wonderful and wonderful!" © Alice in Wonderland

I created this backpack with the desire to remind you that our life can be the brightest, the most intense and the most magical!

That is why it is decorated with an application based on the well-known fairy tale: Alice, the Dormouse, the Rabbit, and, of course, the Mad Hatter with the invariable cup of tea in his hands! The characters ' faces are hand-painted.

A small "DORMOUSE" bag was also created as a companion for this backpack.

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Material: natural smooth leather of a soft lilac blue color.

Application: The Hatter.

Size: 37.5 x 27 x 14 cm

Belt length: a maximum of 72 cm.

Inside: 1 compartment, 2 zippered pockets + 1 open.

Outside: 1 zippered pocket on the front side and 1 zippered pocket on the back.

Care is simple: spray treatment of dirt and dust for the skin as needed.

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