Backpack-bag "Spirit of freedom"

Backpack-bag "Spirit of freedom"


Stylish backpack and bag, 2 in 1. Genuine black leather with texture - background for gentle leaves and embroidery. The bag will include all your folders with documents and many more. The bag is large and convenient to open. 2 removable belts can be used for a backpack, and if you fasten 1 belt, you can carry a bag on your shoulder.

Inspiration for the creation of this bag served as English roses. The variety "Spirit of freedom" is fragrant and rich in petals, with a charming aroma.

In the kit you can order a purse Spirit of freedom in the same style.

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Material: natural'naya kozha chernogo tsveta.

Razmer: 31kh34kh12 sm.

Dekor: kozhanaya applikatsiya "Dukh svobody"

Vysota vmeste s korotkoy ruchkoy: 47 sm

Dlina remney: maksimum 78 sm.

Vnutri: 2 karmana na molnii + 2 otkrytykh + 2 khlyastika dlya ruchek + 1 otdeleniye na molnii dlya plansheta ili bumag.

Ukhod prostoy. Obrabotka aerozolem ot pyli i gryazi po mere neobkhodimosti.

Material: natural leather in black.

Size: 31x34x12 cm.

Decor: leather appliqué "Spirit of Freedom"

Height with a short handle: 47 cm

The length of the straps: a maximum of 78 cm.

Inside: 2 zipped pockets + 2 open pockets + 2 paddles for pens + 1 zipper compartment for a tablet or papers.

Care simple. Aerosol treatment from dust and dirt as needed.

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