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How to order?

So, you have already selected the thing you feel inspired about in the Catalogue, New Products or Sale. At this stage, you have the option to use the My choice page. The Hearts next to each product on our website can turn purple to yellow.

This means that you have marked a piece as your favourite. You can see all the products that you marked on the «My choice» page, in the upper right corner of the catalogue, and choose those that will be yours.

On our website, you will find no shopping cart like other online stores have, because each product that you order we will sew tailor-made for you and, therefore, each piece should be ordered by you separately on a separate form including all notes and run-ons. So, please, have patience while preparing your order.

Our software engineers have found the way for you not to fill out the address and name form many times, if you order multiple pieces at once. These lines will be automatically populated for your second and subsequent products.

Thank you for your right orders!

Click on the «Order» (this means that we will sew an accessory specifically for you and will be also able to make small adjustments to the piece at your wish. Please, specify the production date when ordering) or the «Buy» (if we have a ready-to-wear accessory, it means that you can buy it right away, without waiting). You will see the order form. Please, share with us your details in order that you can receive exactly that accessory that you have selected and exactly where you want it to arrive to:

Done! Thank you! Our manager will contact you as soon as possible to clarify the details of the order and payment. At this stage, we clarify the smallest details to know what exactly you want your ideal bag to look like.

We explain and specify all the details and aspects.
We will send you an invoice by e-mail and you may choose from paying in full upon delivery and making a prepayment.

Generally, a prepayment is RUB 5,000 for any bag and RUB 2,000 for a clutch. If the bag is in stock and you clicked the "Buy" button when ordering, you order is to be paid in full.

After that, the fairy girls at the «Kurguzova» House will start sewing. Please, allow up to 30 days for your bag to be ready.
If you order a customised item, the production can take up to 60 days.

A ready-made accessory will be photographed (if any changes were made to your model) and its picture will be sent at your e-mail address. The rest of the amount, both for the piece and delivery, will be then paid, unless you have not made a prepayment earlier. Your ideal and unique accessory will be yours in a few days (depending on the distance of the delivery point)!
BTW! Each bag features the metal «Kurguzova» logo.


By transfer to our bank account with «Alfabank» or «Sberbank». By transfer via «Yandex.Money» or «PayPal» electronic money systems.

Directly at the «Kurguzova» House in St. Petersburg at: 4A, Irkutskaya Street, 11.00 am until 6.00 pm. subject to a pre-appointment call by +79219669471.
How to find us at the above address: enter the checkpoint, go through the yard until it stops, enter the white-brick building and go upstairs to the second floor.

Our bags are delivered to anywhere in the world! We use several courier delivery services such as Russian Post (, etc. We will select the courier service that suits you best with the fastest and most budget-friendly delivery.
In this case, your handbag will delivered to you at the earliest time possible, depending on the distance.

You have option to order the delivery either to your home or your office.

Return and refunds

Any piece from our catalogue you ordered may be returned within 14 days from the date of the purchase. Even if you simply do not like it. As soon as we have the product back, its full value will be reimbursed for you.

Charges are refundable if the piece returned bears no signs of use and wearing.

If you cancel your individual order, where the model has been significantly changed at your request, the prepayment may not be refunded.

You have no copy!

Remember: you are unparalleled and unique and you have no copies.

Similarly, there cannot be a copy of your accessory if it is designed solely for your look at the Kurguzova Art Bag House. You will have a well-thought, thoroughly and competently designed, bright and soul-filled masterpiece and you might perhaps think that you are very lucky to have this specific piece in your wardrobe.

The pleasure and joy of having such an accessory is right at the corner!
 Just contact us through the order form and a special bag will be yours in 30 days.

Addresses of Our Art Bag House

The Kurguzova Art Bag House

Address: 4A, Irkutskaya Street (the «Elektrosila» metro station), St. Petersburg, Russia.
How to find us at the above address: enter the checkpoint, go through the yard until it stops, enter the white-brick building and go upstairs to the second floor.

Opening hours: 11.00 am until 6.00 pm.

Subject to a pre-appointment call by phone: +79219669471.

Enjoy inspiring purchases and bright emotions!