Snake catcher - Safari

Snake catcher - Safari


The third bag from the series "Snake catcher".

The material is an unimaginable mix of natural skins of various shades of brown, chocolate, coffee colors, inserts of contrasting skins of various shades and textures, the head of the Snake is made of pony skin. Many of the smallest details are collected in a single composition. 3D volumetric leaves can be molded as desired. Every day - a new bag!
Universal companion of almost any everyday image.

Appliques on both sides of the bag.

This model has become another step of professionalism for me and the entire Team of masters.

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327.40 $


Material: composition of natural leathers of brown, coffee, chocolate shades, and textures, pony skin with pile.

Application: Snake catcher 

External size: 30 x 30 cm.

Bottom width: 10 cm.

Adjustable belt length: 100-120 cm.

Inside: 2 compartments and a zippered divider pocket.

Separator size: 20x20 cm.

Care is simple: spray treatment of dirt and dust for the skin as needed.

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Production time: 15 сут.